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Are you prepared to transition from renting to becoming a homeowner? Olive Hill CEDC's knowledgeable, certified counselors are here to assist you in:


- Improving your credit score to secure a mortgage approval


- Accessing down payment and closing cost assistance programs


- Avoiding common pitfalls made by many

first-time homebuyers

Ready to take the first step on your journey toward homeownership?
Olive Hill CEDC can help!
Our programs offer education, counseling, and support to make the process as smooth and successful as possible. Join the many satisfied homeowners who have already gone through our programs!

Start Your Homeownership
Journey Today

Olive Hill CEDC provides easy-to-understand programs to assist you in building credit and accessing down payment assistance programs.

Elevate your credit score with our Credit Empowerment Program (CEP):

- Prepare for mortgage approval with an effective financial roadmap


- Discover actionable steps to immediately enhance your credit


- Receive a proven plan to reduce expenses and increase savings


- Attain unwavering confidence with reliable homeownership advice provided by experts

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Get credit and downpayment help with our Mortgage Readiness Program

Improve your credit score, reduce student loans, and other debts

​Gain access to downpayment and closing cost assistance program

​Get financially prepared for mortgage approval


​Avoid common home buying mistakes

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