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Maximize Lead Conversion!
Boost Deal Closures

Realtors, Lenders and Home Builders, such as yourself, dedicate significant effort to identifying and nurturing new homebuyers, only to find that your clients are unprepared for mortgage approval. Rather than losing potential leads and resources, partner with Olive Hill CEDC to minimize denials and increase successful deals.


If your clients need to improve their credit and savings, our Credit Counseling Program provides:



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  • Easily attain an A+ credit score with straightforward steps

  • Receive expert guidance to grow your savings and reduce debt

  • Benefit from a proven plan to minimize expenses and boost savings

  • Get support for disputing and negotiating transactions

  • Obtain a roadmap to enhance financial readiness for approval

If your clients are in need of assistance with down payment and closing costs, our Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP) offers:

  • Assistance in locating and qualifying for thousands of dollars down payment assistance

  • Access to little-known money-saving mortgage programs

  • Completion of the necessary homebuyer course and certificate

  • Proven strategies to secure mortgage approval

  • A customized homeownership budget

"Olive Hill CEDC's comprehensive Homebuyer Education program and mortgage readiness counseling are designed to create a pipeline of prepared buyers, fostering successful home purchases and sustainable homeownership. Our monthly classes provide valuable insights and resources for potential homebuyers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the home buying process with confidence. By partnering with Olive Hill CEDC, realtors, lenders, and home builders can connect with informed, motivated buyers who are equipped to make sound decisions and sustain homeownership success."

Join us in empowering the community and advancing equitable homeownership for all.


Let's work together

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Why Olive Hill CEDC?

  • A distinguished 26-year-old nonprofit organization

  • Officially recognized and approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Boasting a 0% foreclosure rate among participants in the program

  • Achieving a 75% approval rate for first-time mortgage applications

  • For income eligible homebuyers facilitating up to $92,500 in down payment and closing cost assistance

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