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Wall Sketching
Mural Donation

Our mission is to revitalize the areas we serve. Art is a major contributor to making our cherished spaces beautiful. Please help in this endeavor as ever cent matters. Every donation is tax deductible.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!

The Vision

The Unity Corner Historical Park project aims to establish a public art space in downtown Morganton, Burke County, NC, commemorating the contributions and history of local Black neighborhoods.


It seeks to promote a distinct sense of identity for the community while enhancing the historic downtown area through art works.


This endeavor fosters a new local identity, consciousness, and positive representation of African American families and the community.

Highlighting back in the day black neighborhoods & other historical accomplishments

East Union St Black Business

& Church Corridor

Bouchelle St

Mountain View Rec

The Canyon

The Hill/Roper Street

Tip Top - Sundown - Jamm Boogie

Bottom Drop



Mars Hill

Maple Grove


West Concord

Jordan Hill

Vine Arden/Rocky Ford

Hunter Town

Fonta Flora

Willow Tree

Sam Tate's Beach

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