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Olive Hill Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) will accept donor-advised fund (DAF) as a philanthropic giving vehicle for individuals, families, and businesses. A donor-advised fund allows donors to make tax-deductible contributions to the fund and then recommend grants to charitable organizations over time.

By establishing a DAF with Olive Hill CEDC, donors can receive immediate tax benefits for their contributions and have the flexibility to support multiple charitable causes. Donors can recommend distributions from the fund to support nonprofit organizations, causes, and projects that align with their philanthropic goals.

Olive Hill CEDC provides personalized service to donors, helping them make informed decisions about their grant recommendations. Our team works closely with donors to ensure that their charitable giving aligns with their values and interests.

Through a donor-advised fund with Olive Hill CEDC, donors can simplify their charitable giving, potentially grow their charitable assets through investment options, and experience the joy of making a meaningful impact in the community.

Log in to your donor-advised fund account or contact your fund administrator to submit a grant request.

Submit your request to:


Olive Hill CEDC

PO Box 4008, Morganton NC  28680
Tax ID#: 31-1639629

Thank you for your donation!!!!

Your donation provides economic opportunities for

working families and individuals

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