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Empowering Unifour residents to overcome situational and system barriers includes everything from securing rental housing, to financial counseling and coaching to education on “residents rights”, to homeownership and preservation. Collectively these efforts empower individual and communities, promote stability and foster growth in financial independence.

Our Homeownership Center includes financial fitness, health and wealth education and financial coaching, homeownership education and counseling, foreclosure prevention and delinquency counseling, and home maintenance training


Whether you are a prospective first time home-buyer, a renter dreaming of home-ownership, a homeowner facing default, or interested in learning about home maintenance, OHCEDC can help. Our Home Ownership Center offers grants, loans, training, and other assistance to help people achieve and sustain healthy home-ownership, gain financial independence, and achieve their dreams of home-ownership.

Preparation for homeownership starts long before the purchase takes place. OHCEDC will help you to become mortgage-ready by educating you about the buying process, pitfalls to avoid, and available funding opportunities. OHCEDC can help make your dream become a reality.

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What is it?

The Community Partners Loan Pool (CPLP) provides qualified home buyers with down payment assistance:

  • Up to 25 percent of the sales price, not to exceed $50,000 (effective Sept 1, 2022) when combined with a NC Home Advantage Mortgage.

  • Up to 10 percent of the purchase price when combined with a USDA's Section 502 loan.

CPLP assistance is structured as a 0 percent interest, deferred second mortgage. The term of the CPLP loan matches the term of the first mortgage. The CPLP Loan has no monthly payment and is typically repaid when the home is sold or at the end of the loan term.

Borrowers may combine a CPLP loan with the NC Home Advantage Tax Credit as well as with other down payment assistance loans or grants.

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Eligible Home Buyers

  • Total household income cannot exceed 80 percent of the Area Median Income for the county in which they intend to purchase a home.

  • Borrower must have proof of sufficient, stable income to afford and maintain their potential home.

  • Borrower must have a minimum credit score of 640.

  • Borrower's housing ratio must be between 25% to 32% and Total Debt-to-Income ration may not exceed 43 percent.

  • Borrower must complete at least 8 hours of home buyer education and counseling.  The actual amount of counseling and education needed will vary based on the readiness of the borrower(s).

  • Potentially eligible borrowers must contact a CPLP member to establish an agreed upon home ownership readiness plan for education and counseling before signing a sales contract on a property.

Requirement for Home Buyer Education

Requirement for Home Buyer Education
Home ownership is both a great opportunity and a big responsibility. The NC Housing Finance Agency wants to help individuals and families not just buy a home but to be successful homeowners. That's why we require every borrower using CPLP funds to complete at least 8 hours of home buyer education and counseling before their application can be submitted for consideration.

Borrowers can complete the home buyer education class with CPLP partner agency member Olive Hill Community Economic Development Corporation, Inc. Items reviewed include household budget and credit history as well as any questions the borrower(s) may have.

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