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Financial institutions, nonprofits, and human service agencies increase their focus on the importance of financial literacy through events, programs, and counseling. The goal goes beyond helping consumers learn more about finances to helping them actually improve their personal and household financial stability and success.


Financial Literacy Classes

Understanding the value of financial literacy, we believe this is a core part of our mission to establish economic justice and equality. We welcome you to apply for access to one-on-one service for you or your family.

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Credit Counseling

The power of good credit cannot be underestimated. Get professional credit counseling to learn how to improve your credit and your financial life. Apply to access our services and start taming your student loans.


You don’t have to sacrifice your financial independence to enjoy life.” That’s the driving force behind this site, and their goal is to help people live well.

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Student Loans

Student loans can be a life draining burden that seems to have no end. But, with a plan, you can attack, manage, and eliminate those loans. Download the student loan repayment manual for ways to tame your student loans.

Get Credit Counseling

Your future is in your hands

Thanks for registering. We will contact you soon to finalize details and get to work!

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Credit Counseling
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